Marketing case study: Astor & Lodges (part 1) Part 2 Comparative study on Australia hotel industry

| March 28, 2015

Case Study Report Objective The assumption is that you will represent the company’s sales and marketing staff. Your lecturer will assume the composite role of the new President and CEO, the Chairman of the Board, and the CFO. Your role will be to prepare this individual case report to persuade your President (etc) to adopt your case analysis and strategy recommendations to improve the performance of the company. The teaching objective for this case are:  PART A (Maximum 15% of Total Marks) 1. To introduce students to the economics of the U.S. hotel industry.  2. To affirm the fundamental role that segmentation, targeting, and positioning plays in crafting an advertising and sales program. 3. To alert students to the growing senior management insistence on financial accountability when preparing marketing, advertising, and sales programs.  4. To consider the objective-task approach to communication budgeting. 5. To apply contribution analysis in the evaluation of marketing decisions. PART B (Maximum 15% of Total Marks) To study the Australian Hotel industry and then develop and justify an alternative viable blue ocean strategy approach(s) for the US Based company if it were to set up business in Australia. ……………………………………

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review different types of bias, present an example of a study, and discuss whether bias was a factor in the study outcome. Discuss how the study design could have been altered to minimize or eliminate the risk of invalidating the results.
Identify the corporate level strategies. These could be growth: e.g. market penetration, market development, product development, vertical/horizontal integration, related/unrelated diversification. Here you can use the Ansoff’s matrix/directional policy table (it is essentially the same). Of course there are turnaround corporate strategies (e.g. downsizing, liquidation, divesture etc) and stability strategies

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