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| October 17, 2015

what are your objectives?

Where are you presense today?
when, how often do you connect?
what type of content, activity do you have?
why am I there?

to achieve your objectives, by….

What different ways, online starting, what social media are you using and want to use?

about my business that I want to do in future is openning my own specialized nail spa, since there is no specialized nail spa in the city that I live in.
I will buy a website for myself, I want you to mention that. and explain the benefits of that.
try to cover those requirements in about 4-5 pages
Attachments: Requirements:
A good assignment:
Clarifies career objectives you would like to achieve. Defines your value proposition in terms of something
o That you have passion for. o That there is a demand for. o That you are good at.
assesses your current online presence with an online audit analyzing o search results of your name
o what platforms currently are being utilized and how
o what kind of networks you have developed online
identifies and experiments with platforms, strategies and tactics that you think would help enhance your online brand.
evaluates what seems to be on the right track and what you will continue doing why and explains why.

I have passion in communicating with people and get to know different people from different areas I believe that enhances my personality by dealing with different personalities which would help me in future in my career where I will be dealing with customers or collegues as I might work in the HR department where having communication skills is demanded and very important. I’m thinking in doing my own business in 3-5 years from now.
I want to build a good professional background of myself, as Linkedin became a very important professional website, I want to set up an account so I could connect with companies easier and get job offers and apply for jobs through linkedin.
Where I also could get connected with advisors and mentors who could help me in advising particular things that I need to know in their field, which would apply to my professional enhancement.
Twitter is a very active social network in Saudi Arabia, I was active before I come to America, but now the time difference makes it so hard to be updated as who lives in Saudi, for example if I retweet or share a tweet or news it would be already shared by a lot of people who live in Saudi due to the time difference, also it would be so hard to keep up with the trending hashtags or news. So, in the time being I’m not really interested in being active in Twitter, where now I only get connected to read the news for my own reference.
My Instagram account is private, due to our conservative culture in Saudi Arabia, we like to keep our personal pictures private rather than public. Instagram helped me in expanding my friend’s circle, where it would be a benefit in three years from now, when I want to start my own business than I have in mind now. It makes it easier to know and connect with the targeted people for my future business, as I will start advertising for my business on my Instagram account.
Now my main objective is going to be having an account in Linkedin, so by the time I graduate I already have a professional active account, which would help me in getting the job that I’m looking for.
As I have had my Internship in Saudi ARAMCO, I would like to work there after I graduate.
I have signed up in KLOUT to measure my score now and end of semester as I will try to enhance my activeness in most of my social media networks.
In the next 3-5 years I’m thinking in doing my own business. I want to do a specialized nail spa, since there is no specialized nail spas in my current city

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