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| February 11, 2014

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This is a critical assignment, please try for a good run the first time so no need for a re-submission. I appreciate your hard work.
This assessment aims to provide practice in writing for different audiences and has a focus around the preparation of a media release.
Students do this by preparation of 1000 words or less that includes:
1. Academic writing with sources referenced appropriately: Compare and contrast the communication skills required to prepare and disseminate media releases with other marketing communication tasks (400 – 500 words) include:
a: identify negotiations and collaborations required by a marketer to arrange a media release for this organisation (consider those that are internal and external to the organisation);
The production of the piece of writing is only one part of what is required in a communication task. Think about who else is likely to be involved in producing the marketing communication. Are there stakeholders involved and what type of negotiation is required? What type of decisions are being made from when you first begin preparing the communication to when it is distributed to the media. Continue to think about what happens afterwards so that the whole cycle is considered from the marketer’s perspective.
b: outline the checks required that ensure adherence to ethical practice as per the marketing profession.
Review the Ethical Practice in Marketing database from Topic 1 for points relevant to preparation and dissemination of a media release.
2. Professional writing with no references: Write a proposed media release that covers who, what, when, where, why and how and is presented in the professional format used by that organisation for media releases (300 – 500 words based on the story, audience and angle allocated during course delivery for this task).
3. Reflective writing supported by sources referenced appropriately: Identify activities to professionally develop your written communication and negotiation skills (100-200 words).
You have the opportunity to self-assess your written skills through this task and other tasks at university. Identify your current level of development for written communication (refer to Reading Topic 5) and consider if your stage and within that if you are at the beginning, middle or end of the stage. Note the evidence available to support this view and whether this is in a format that you can share with potential employers. Outline how you can further develop YOUR communication skills. Be specific and tailor this to your professional development needs. Draw on references to support your claims. Provide your Secret URL to confirm this information is in your portfolio.
Please use Harvard referencing in-text citations for parts 1 and 3 but not for the media release itself. List any sources used for all parts of the assessment task in a reference list. You can upload 1 document via grade book if you download the submission form and add in each written component to the end of that document, with references listed last.
Remember that in any task that you perform as a marketer there are 5 areas outlined in the marketing standards for undergraduate students (Topic 1 Reading 7). These can then be broken down further – i.e. communication can be looked at in terms of oral communication (as per Assessment 1 and 3) and written (Assessment 2 but also demonstrated in any submission where you are reflecting on your development. For this task you are demonstrating your written skills but you can also consider how oral communication is important for negotiations/collaboration
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