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| April 27, 2015

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We are making our final paper, our project is start a company to sell a product is called Enhance(favorer with an energy boost to improve the taste of flavored liquor) Here are what I want you help me.
This paper is a whole business plan but you only need to do Marketing Plan and Financial Plan for me by answering the following questions.

4. Marketing Plan
How will you reach your customers? Whats your marketing strategy? Your product/service strategy? Pricing strategy? Distribution? Advertising/Promotion? Sales strategy? E-commerce? Basically, you have to show that you know what the buying patterns are for your target market, and then give a plan for how your sales model will map onto peoples purchasing model.

6. Financial Plan. In conclusion, what does the whole business model look like, financially.
Present your revenue assumptions, and your cost assumptions. Justify and explain.
Give your revenue projections, and explain why you think they make sense. How did you calculate the number of customers, and what makes you convinced about this figure?
Present your COGS, your Gross Profit, your Fixed Costs, and EBITA. Explain anything that seems unusual.
If you need funds, describe how much, and why, and where you might get the money.
Finally realistically show if and how this business makes sense from a financial point of view.

I will send you our product introduction and the assumption excel sheet. please try your best to be creative, reasonable and use simple language to write because I am not a native speaker. Thank you so much for your help. If you have any further question please let me know. I will upload product introduction and the assumption excel sheet later.

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