Marketing 405 8-10 power point slides with pics from the paper uploaded Nike Air Force Giulia Seabra Southern States University Marketing 420 09/10/21

Marketing 405 8-10 power point slides with pics from the paper uploaded Nike Air Force

Giulia Seabra
Southern States University
Marketing 420


Nike Company is an American sportswear company whose headquarters are in Oregon. The company was founded in 1964 as Blue Ribbons Sports and officially became Nike in 1971. Nike Inc. is a multi-international company with retails and product distributors in countries all over the world. Nike Inc. ensures the use of innovations to provide various products and experiences to its athletes and customers. It is the largest world supplier of athletic shoes, apparel and a major manufacturer of sports equipment. Nike markets its products under its brand and includes Nike Golf, Nike blazer, Nike gold, Nike Jordan, Air Max, Nike Dunk, and Airforce 1. The company also operates its retail stored under the name Nike town. The company sponsors athletes worldwide with the trademark “Just do it “and the swoosh logo.

Target Market

Nike uses geographic segmentation for marketing its products. The advertising used in one nation, region, city, or population may differ from the other. Nike aims to meet the requirements of all groups to maximize their customer base, generate more income and profits. Demographic segmentation: Nike has a wide range of products that are appealing to different age groups. Nike ensures tit provided products that satisfy the needs of all age groups. Their products target customers range from teens to young adults and also include older adults. Their target market age group ranges from 15 to 55 years.
Marketing Strategies

Market penetration. The Nike air force is designed to cater to the needs of consumers globally. The product is available in different stores and distributors in different countries. The shoes also have customized features that are offered to their client ( Salazar, Mills, and Veríssimo, 2019).

Nike’s marketing strategies use selling ideas before selling products strategy. This strategy entails reaching the emotions of its clients and customers.


The prices of the products vary from one product to another. Nike air force pricing uses a competitive pricing approach to keep their product’s price stable. Nike also uses cost-based and value-based pricing to ensure a high-quality product at an accessible price.


The Nike Company has stores and distributors in over 170 countries. Also, through e-commerce and retailers, it allows the shoes and products to be distributed worldwide.


The brand uses electronic media and athletes as brand ambassadors. Through the social media platform, it allows access to a larger audience. The print advertisements for marketing purposes. The media, both print, and broadcast, as well as social media, are all important. They usually use a sportsperson or an athlete to promote their goods in advertisements. They also use commercials and celebrity billboards to attract targeted clients’ attention. They also participate in a variety of sponsorships for events and social activities to promote their brand.

Marketing Campaign


The campaigns build meaningful stories and taglines. By building meaningful stories, Nike can create a loyal fan base. Through emotional branding, Nike can influence and evoke the feelings of the consumers. This ensures that the products have a meaningful message to the consumers.
The narrative entails the story of a hero who overcomes hardships and fights to become a winner. The trademark ‘Just do it’ denotes the story and the ability of the hero to fight and win despite the hardships.
The stories are motivational and encourage the consumers to achieve their goals and also be successful. The stories are often inspirational and evoke the consumer’s feelings; hence the consumer creates a meaningful relationship with the products and the brand (Nayak, 2017)
The stories are not only informative but also push a customer and client into taking action.
The campaign utilizes professional athletes.
The campaign often relates to current events and reflects the company’s mission, vision, and social values.
Nike Airforce campaign will be a campaign to celebrate the nurse’s doctor and health practitioners who are at the frontline in ensuring better health for the community and the people. The campaign aims at celebrating the health practitioners as the providers of health care in society and the community.
The marketing campaign will use a video commercial on YouTube and Facebook, and the campaign will include doctors, nurses, physicians, and other health care providers. The video will mention that the money from the Nike air force campaign will be used for charity and the protection and care tools for the medical staff in the community.
The marketing campaign will work as people tend to support and buy products from the brand that make donations and are also socially responsive. YouTube and Facebook will be used as the major social media and digital platform as it has more views and allows the reaching to both local and international audience.

Evaluating Nike’s Digital Strategies

Nikes social media usage

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Linked In, Nike Alps have over 300 profiles across all digital platforms.



Nike has a large following on Facebook with about 2.2 Billion followers


Instagram has a total of 165 Million followers
The total number of followers is about 1 billion followers across its different Instagram pages.
They are many posts that contain the trademark and tagline #JustDoIt
Different policies for different lines.



Nike has 8 million followers on Twitter, and the brand needs to utilize Twitter as Twitter is growing and becoming more popular.
YouTube 1.25 million followers
Nike has 15 YouTube channels and has the least amount of interaction.

Digital strategy evaluation

Nike is consistent across all digital platforms.
The use of hashtags enables to drive the campaign and reach a larger audience.
The use of professional athletes as brand ambassadors allows the brand to reach a large audience accords different platforms.
Brand indicators such as the Nike Reinforce 1.


Competitiveness from other brands.

Campaign Goals

The campaign aims at achieving the short-term and long-term goals of the company.
The campaign aims at inspiring and motivating its consumers to achieve and take actions that expand human potential.
Increase sales and profit; through the campaign, the company will reach a larger audience, hence increasing sales and generating more profit.
The goals should align with the vision and mission of the company.


Nike Airforce



Market Research



Video advertising


$ 10000

Social media advertising



Brand related expenses ( Nike airforce )



Marketing and sales employees

$ 9000


Ad Content


Nike Air force 1 is a company best known for manufacturing various kinds and designs of shoes that are easily available in the market. They manufacture shoes for women, men, teenagers, and even kids. In this discussion, we will look at the various shoes advertised on different social media platforms that best suit the target. We will choose a picture from the internet and clearly describe using emotional words that can be attractive to the target market, which will be posted on a suitable social media platform for the target customers.

An example of the shoe above is one of the best made by Nike, and I would give it an emotional word “Your Comfort.” The shoe is a boot kind of shoe mostly liked by teenagers. They normally look so smart and fit in all kinds of clothes that match them (Waymer & Logan, 2021). Since teens are somehow playful and careless, the design of the shoes is best for them as it is tough for all kinds of weather because they are raised and mostly during rainy seasons when it is muddy for those living in the rural areas. The shoe also has a strong rubber sole for the best comfort of all time; the product also has strong races that can last for long and ensure once the teen put them on and tie, they stack well and are comfortable in their legs. The picture is suitable for Instagram and Linkedin.

“Your source of relaxing” the above shoe is suitable for those people who love sports such as football, skateboarding, etc. The shoe is comfortable and gives one a relaxing feeling because it has superior cushions on the inside. It also provides stability and flexibility in motion. For those involved in athletics and are likely to be doing their practice at night, the shoe has nighttime reflectivity. It can also be adjusted using shoelaces for breathability purposes. The photo can be posted on either Facebook or Instagram (Larchenko, 2016).

“Your Comfort and Relaxer,” the kind of shoes made by Nike, are the best for kids’ best design; their soles are flat for their comfort. The shoes also are very attractive to the eyes of the kid through the picture of the cartoon on them that makes them attracted to wear them and also while they are in a market where they have displayed children are likely to spot them and ask for them from their parents. They can be posted on Facebook so that parents can see or billboards (Evans, 2020). Since kids have no access to social media, they see them in advertisements on billboards located on highways.

“Your Addictive” These rubbers kind of shoes are the best design by Nike Company made by Nike. Once the elderly wear them, they don’t feel like removing them. The shoes are comfortable because they a flat and with a very good size sole. Rubbers are also light for their legs, so they can wear them for the longest time as they wish, there are also other elderly who go jogging to keep fit, and the shoes are best for that. The best advertisement for these shoes can be made in magazines and newspapers (Dimadi, 2018).

Tracking and Monitoring Ads

How to measure performance

Products from Nike Air Force and, to be specific, shoes have made digital marketing success for this company. The victory is mainly from Facebook and Instagram because these two social media platforms have more followers than other platforms, especially in the United States. It is so unfortunate that these two platforms do not integrate with Google Analytics that aid in tracking Ad content performance. I have created a workaround through the following steps to follow the version of the products I posted on these two platforms. I have created a business page and a business account on Facebook and Instagram to help me navigate the ads manager section, which is part of the business manager. I have then created an ad set and ad to allow me to edit any content on my previous ad, and it is where I am also able to track the trend of my products by entering my URL tracking information. Doing this has helped me to be able to view reports and comments from my viewers (Northcott et al., 2021)
I have been doing this daily, and I can tell that my ads through digital marketing are doing well. Although the patterns are sometimes affected by competition from other companies, no day has ended without a positive comment, and others even make orders online after viewing the ad. The pattern curve is positive and encouraging for the company to innovate current products or even manufacture new ones. In my ads, I posted shoes for teenagers, kids, sports shoes, and the elderly. All ads have been performing, and I would not want to replace either of them. I want to add more posts on other social media platforms and track their performance to compare them with Facebook and Instagram. I am also able to keep track of my sales from those clients who love online shopping. My ads have been performing well in the United States since citizens are great followers of Facebook and Instagram. The other reason Nike products are performing is that most teenagers love skateboarding and another form of sports, and this makes them prefer Nike shoes since they are comfortable, light, and fit for all weather conditions. Nike shoes are fashionable, and citizens in the United States are updated with current fashion as they are great users of the internet, which keeps them updated. Those who love sports, especially athletes, prefer shoes made by Nike because they act as reflectors at night and therefore they can easily be noticed when they are exercising. The elderly also prefer these shoes as they are light; they have laces to adjust to, leaving a breathing allowance. All these have made the company perform well (Kim, Cha & Kim, 2016).


In conclusion, due to the achievements attained by the company, other companies should try and emulate what Nike is doing for them to acquire large market shares, which in turn lead to an increase in profit margins. I would also recommend the company engage in several portfolios of investments that are in line with their manufacturing industries. Doing this will ensure that if one portfolio is not making profits, the other is making big sales. They can use the BCG matrix to ensure they have cash cows, dogs, stars, and problem children to ensure they have along with strategic marketing plan that will make them even more successful.

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