| July 9, 2016

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Your assignment is to think about your own buying behavior and the marketing influences on this behavior. You are to reflect on your own shopping behavior starting on Monday, June 20th 2016 until Wednesday, July 6th 2016.Each self-reflection journal must be typed and should not exceed 5 double spaced pages for all the three purchase decisions. Your report should discuss three different purchase decisions that you have made during this time period. All journal reports are due on July 6th 2016

To receive a passing grade for this assignment, you must include the following information for each of the 3 purchase decisions that you select. a)What did you buy product/service? Any factors that influenced this?

b)How much did you pay? Any factors that influenced this?

c)Where did you buy? Any factors that influenced this?

d)How did you learn about, the product, place, price etc i.e. promotional influences

e)For whom did you buy? Any factors that influenced this?

f)Situational and any other relevant information.

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