Market Segmentation of Red Bull product

| November 30, 2015

For this section of your marketing plan, you will determine the market segmentation and target customer for your product or service. (My product that I have to determine the market segmentation for is Red Bull energy drink.) Through this process, you will identify the differentiation which will provide market opportunities. Conduct appropriate and exhaustive research to get this part right. Remember, if the target market is erroneously identified, then everything afterward will be a miss. Think of this part as the foundation of your strategy. Apply what you have learned in this module to your chosen product or service. For this section of your marketing plan, respond to the following questions. Each of your responses for these questions should be a minimum of one page. •Who is your target customer?. •What is your target market?. •What is the differentiation of your customer?. Things to Remember! 1.Each response should be at least one page in length, for a minimum three-page paper, not counting a cover page or reference page.. 2.Justify your research by including in-text citations and references.. 3.Format according to APA style..

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