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| October 17, 2015

The Aptar 6 sigma based Research Write-up:
1) a. Hypothesize 2-3 impacts of technology and trends on how consumer will use wipes in future {2016 to 2020}
b. Determine what innovation might be required to support changing usage patterns {support with survey data}.
c. Identify technology and market trends{changes} anticipated in Canada, USA, Mexico {especially in current packaging deficiency and areas of innovation evident in last 18 months}
2) Identify wipe usage patterns and application fields. i.e. Home care wipes, Personal wipes & Baby wipes {backed up with data’s provided}
a. Prioritize 2 to 4 applications fields for investment decision in wipes dispensing innovation.
b. Develop “go-to-market” strategies including targeted innovation partners and lead customers in; 1. Mexico,
2. USA and
3. Canada {backed with quantitative datas}
NOTE: If applicable create a segmentation, targeting, competitive positioning & product pricing graphic analysis framework for existing markets platforms to make max profits for Aptar {support findings with tabulated data i.e. pie charts, bar charts and graphs}
3) 5 Porter forces for Aptar inc. {make detailed and specific data’s}
SWOT analysis {make detailed & specific data’s}

a) Develop Recommendations for Aptar’s Home care wipes, Personal wipes & Baby {in bullet points} backed by the data provided
in reference to Aptar partners i.e. Proctor & Gamble, Berlin Packaging, Private label
Recommendation strategies in 1. Mexico
2. USA
3. Canada


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