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| April 29, 2014

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I have attached the scenario for this assignment which talks about online undergraduate degrees you need to look at it, and do a good research AS THIS MODULE IS ALL ABOUT RESEARCH in order to answer 2 tasks that talks about preparing a questionnaire, in addition i have attached the lecture slides as its important to review them in order to be the work related to the what i studied and covered.
the following questions are :
1- The agency want to prepare a questionnaire to be sent out to all current UK under graduate students asking them to take part in the research in order to understand student perceptions and attitudes towards their universities and programmes of study. They have asked you to prepare a covering letter which could be attached to this questionnaire (NB You may make any reasonable assumptions which may help you with this work: please specify what these assumptions are – for example, how the questionnaire might be administered; details of the agency; response time; how the responses will be returned. You may include instructions but remember that you do not have to prepare the actual questionnaire).(300 WORDS )
2- As part of this questionnaire the agency wants to explore student views towards on-line degrees, and factors which affect these views. They are considering different research approaches and, consequently, have asked you to draw on your knowledge and understanding of questionnaire design and question styles by designing different types of questions to research factors which influence informants’ views towards on-line degrees. They would like you to devise at least six questions, all researching informants’ views on on-line degrees, but using six different question styles to be developed, thus showing the agency that you fully understand how one issue can be researched using a number of different question types (To clarify: six different question types all researching the same issue/area). Indicate what information each question type will generate.( 300 WORDS)
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