Market Orientation: Alternative Perspectives?

| February 14, 2014

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‘Marketing inherited a model of exchange from economics which had a logic based upon the exchange of “goods” which are usually manufactured output. The dominant logic focused upon tangible resources, embedded value and transactions. Over the past several decades, new perspectives have emerged that have a revised logic, focused on intangible resources, the co-creation of value and relationships. The authors believe that the new perspectives are converging to form a new dominant logic for marketing, one in which service provision rather than goods is fundamental to economic exchange’
Vargo, S.L. and Lusch, F.L. ( 2004) ‘Evolving To A New Dominant Logic For Marketing’, Journal of Marketing, Vol 68, pp1-17.
Your Task
You are to prepare a 3,500-4,000 word report, which critically evaluates the above contention put forward by Vargo and Lusch. You are to discuss their contention that marketing is moving, or indeed has moved towards a new dominant logic dictated in the main by the role of service in marketing as opposed to tangible goods. In providing your critical evaluation, your report should include business examples ( no less than 8 example ) drawn from across various industry sectors, which help to support your arguments together with demonstrating critical appreciation of how the changing international economic climate, international competition and the differences in consumption and culture between countries contributes to the arguments put forward within your report.
Guidance Notes.
The assignment is an examination of your abilities to undertake a critical review of the academic literature appertaining to the concept of market orientation. You are required to provide a critical review of the different academic perspectives on market orientation and using the appropriate academic literature and organisational examples to offer up your own interpretation and understanding of market orientation. You are expected to identify and examine various factors, which may impact/influence your understanding of market orientation (i.e culture, stages of economic development, macro-economic changes) together with evaluating different industrial and organisational examples, which illustrate the arguments you put forward.
The assignment is not a test of how many organisational examples you can come up with but rather your ability to relate these to the academic literature and in critiquing the central premise of the assignment. We have provided you with a range of academic articles, which support the lectures but also provide you with the wider reading material necessary for you to successfully complete the assignment.
Evaluation will be on some important points:
1. The ability to critically evaluate (through mention different views and how to use in the analysis).
2. Using examples of business (which type of service offered, focusing on what and why and why did you choose this example).
3. Argument (by placing the case and argument) and linked to market orientation.
4. The number of sources used in the assignment.
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