Market analysis, main suppliers’ systems comparison and evaluation

| February 23, 2014

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The Structure of the Essay
1. Cover Page
2. Table of Contents
3. List of figures (if any)
4. List of used acronyms (abbreviations)
5. Definitions
6. Introduction and history
Core topic
7. Market analysis, main suppliers’ systems comparison and evaluation
You are required to present and a demonstrate features such as pros and cons,
strength and weaknesses in respective of the chosen topic. These features must
be addressed and presented.
8. Comparison and evaluation UAE vs. International level.
9. Trends, perspectives, recommendations and conclusion.
10. References
4. Submission
Submit soft copies of the report and presentation. The presentation’s soft copy must be
submitted to the lecturer before the presentation!
The core of the topic must have a volume of 1500 words
Line spacing: 1.5 line spaced pages; font size 11 -12 points. Font type: Arial, calibri or
Late submission with no rational excuse will affect your grade!
Lecturer’s approval is required for any adaptation or alternations in the above
Copy & paste of complete pages or articles from the Internet or other resources are
strictly prohibited. If any information or data is taken from any resource then a citation
and referencing are obligatory.
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