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Mark Twain is from? Florida Missouri What humorist from the early 20th century was almost a carbon copy of Mark Twain? Will Rodgers To what President could Mark Twain be compared? Abraham Lincoln Considering his humor, what is surprising about Twain’s view of the world? HIs view is pestimistic but ocvers it with laughter Name one of the tradegies of his later years? Death of his wife and daughters When was he born? November 30th 1835 How old was he when he “took the road”? 18 What was the result of the publication of his “Celebrated Jumping Frong of Calavars County”? Made him famous overnight What early book of Twain’s made America look good? “Innocent Abroad” What is his really first independent novel? “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” Which of his books shows that democracy is superior to other forms of government? “Prince and the Pauper” What is Mark Twains greatest triumph? “The Adventures of Huckleberry FInn” When did he publish A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court? 1889 How did twain feel about other popular writers of his day, Sir Walter Scott and James Fenimore Cooper? He raged against the writers styles What did he say was the one supreme law that guided man? Selflishness When did he die? 1910 What is Mark Twain’s real name? Samuel Longhorn Clemens What best two novels is he best known for? “The Adventures of Tom Swayer” and “The Adventures of Huckleberry FInn” What is the most important quality he believes anyone can have? A kind heart Where did Make Twain move to? Hannibal Missouri were he had slaves Where was Mark Twain raised? on the West bank of the Mississippi River What was one form of employment? Served as an apprentice printer on his brother’s newspaper at an early age Why did he choose Mark Twain? It is a river term which stands for dangerous Who was Mark Twain’s Wife? Oliivia Largdon Who did he ask approval from before publishing his works? His wife Novel A form of literaure which is an extended fictional narrative piece of prose.(wrighting that is not poetry or drama) Early Novel Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defor first published Novel A Picsrsque Novel A string of inciedents or mini stories strung together Stream-of-Consciousness Novel Events are presented as the major character thinks about them. Novel of Character Emphasis is on the representation and development of chracters Novel of Incident Emphasis is on the social customs and habits of a class. Novel of Sensibility Emphaisis is on making and emotional impact on the reader. Novel of Manners Emphaisis is on the Social cutoms and hbits of a class Novel of Soil Empahisis is on the region where the story takes place. Characterisation How the arthoyr makes his characters seem alive through description, action, and observation. Conflict The two or more major opposing forces in the story. Conflict can be man versus man; man versues himself;man veruses god;man veruses society Plot The sequence of events in the story. Point of View The perspective from where the story is told. 1st person narrator; 3rd person limited; 3rd erson omincient Setting The time situation and place. The setting often sets the mood Style The sitrinctive way that a writer uses the language. Style is personality in wrighting. It is what distingusihes one wwriter from all others. Symbolism The use of Physical obkects to represent something elese, often ideas, attitudes, or emotions. Theme The important truth or idea that the author eishes to impress on a reader. The theme is the heart of the story Mark Twain hates Humanity But loves individulas Boggs was killed because of his mouth Dr. Robinson Publicly denounced two crooks The Duke did some printing Huck hid money in a coffin Jim the sick arab Elizabeth jims daughter who is deaf The King was the royal nonesuch Mary Jane Wilks girl huck likes and who inherits money Miss Watson Widow Douglas’s sister who tries to civilize Huck through manners and religion what character can Huck be most compared too? Miss Watson (the snuff and cuss) Tom Sawyer Huck’s civilized best friend who enjoys extravagant stories and schemes True or false Mark Twain wanted to work for his brothers newspaper company but he was not aloud False he sereces as ah appreientice printer on his brothers newspaper at an early age Did Mark Twain use many nicknames to hide his real identity yes such as thomas jefferson snobgrass what kind of army did mark twain adbonded after two years? the confederete army Satire witty language used to convey insults or scorn.

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