Maritim Law

| July 12, 2016

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Maritime Law

OSCOLA referencing please.

Part A (1800 words)

The new doctrine of fair presentation is kinder to the assured than the previous doctrine of utmost good faith which favoured the insurer. Critically Discuss


Part B (1800words)

‘The use of armed guards on board merchant ships does not take place in a legal vacuum. The matter is subject to a scattering of international rules and a meshwork of domestic legal orders, which apply cumulatively and/or consecutively, mainly dependent on the actual locus of the ship. Yet the domestic laws of the flag, coastal or port States or of the State of incorporation of the PMSC often do not contain specific rules on the use of PMSCs.’ Petrig (2013) Critically discuss


Anna Petrig , The use of force and firearms by private marine security companies against suspected pirates, 2013


The fight against Maritime Piracy, Page 27



Can you please keep the introduction short please?

  1. Acquire a systematic understanding and critical awareness of current problems and contemporary issues and/or insights into the changing nature of UK and international Maritime Law
  2. Develop an ability to offer rigorous and novel solutions to complex problems

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