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| January 31, 2015
OverallĀ  goal with this short paper is to discuss a problematic topic or issue in complex ways. What I mean by “problematic” is that your topic or issue should be open to debate, or it should need a resolution. What I mean by “complex ways” is that you should strive to find several different points of view about your issue. Don’t just take one side, but uncover as many “sides” as you can think of. Try to view your topic or issue from both your own point of view, and from an opposing point of view. You do not need to perform any research or worry about citing sources, but it might take a little digging or online exploration to uncover the complexity of your issue. Don’t worry about citations for this paper, but casually mention any sources you use. In your writing, you should show thoughtful consideration of several aspects of the topic or issue, and you should resist rushing to easy, simplistic answers or pursuing just one thesis or claim. Try to provoke your potential audience or reader to think about your issue from several perspectives. In terms of requirements, make sure your writing addresses the following goals: 1) Includes a header and MLA formatting (10 points). 2) Explores a problem from a complex point of view, showing that you have thought deeply about it and considered multiple points of view (20 points). 3) Addresses purpose and audience; see Chapter 1. Ask yourself how your purpose and audience might change depending on your point of view. Explore some possibilities (5 points). 4) Includes an introduction that provides a context for your problem and a few general thesis ideas representing different points of view (10 points). 5) Is written in complete sentences and includes six or more paragraphs, adding up to two or so pages (15 points). 6) Reflects revision and editing for grammatical mistakes (10 points).

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Critical thinking results in our ability to inform intelligence with character, and strengthen character with intelligence. Talk about a situation that demanded critical thinking from you, how your choices or decisions integrated intelligence and character
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