Maridahdi School case in Toowoomba

| February 17, 2014

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Hi I’m already select the topic for the assignment and it will be about the problem of the “Maridahdi school in toowoomba” In summary, Maridahdi Early Childhood Community School’s want to expand its campus in Toowoomba City which is located at 1 South St in Rangeville. But the residents in the area surrounding Geeumbi have strongly protested the move, saying the area is not appropriate for the school’s plan. You can find many information about it in Government web sites, Relative journals, newspapers, school website, community website. Planning issues – Journal article You are to prepare an article for a town planning journal to test your capacity for research and original thinking. The topic of your article should be a fairly recent or current town planning issue facing a local government authority and/or a local community, preferably be one that is being debated in the community and in the media. It has to be an issue to do with a type of development that falls under the jurisdiction of a local government authority (i.e. is assessed by a LGA). The article should achieve the following: a. Define the town planning issue. (Maridahdi School case in Toowoomba) b. Identify all of the stakeholders and their interest in the issue. c. Detail the cases that could be put by all sides. d. Propose a satisfactory solution you think would be acceptable to all parties, and would be in accord with planning scheme provisions, policies and legislation etc. Please include a note stating the number of words (3000–4000) in the article. The inclusion of maps, plans, photographs, sketches and/or newspaper cuttings is strongly encouraged. Refer to the attached marking scheme for information on the allocation of marks. This assignment will be marked out of 100 marks and each student’s mark will be given a weighting of 40% in the course. Before you can get started, you will need to do research to determine the nature and format of a journal article. You should at all times bear in mind that your journal article is presenting and defending your argument to the readers. Different journals prescribe different styles in terms of font size, font type etc. Please use the requirements of a planning journal of your choice. Use appropriate headings to structure your article. Remember to provide an abstract at the beginning of your article and don’t forget to do a Reflection (200–300 words) on the assignment as well. Document references properly. Marks will be deducted for poor spelling and grammatical errors. Be careful not to adopt a sensationalist style by using words and phrase such as ‘hot-issue’, ‘massive’, ‘the developer struck gold’, etc. Marks will be allocated for quality of presentation of the article. Provide sufficient detail so the examiner can understand all of the matters involved. Make sure the writing style and level of detail of your article is pitched correctly – at a group of professionals who read the town planning journal of your choice.

Sample Paper
This Journal article analyses the long battle for 1 South Street in Rangeville between the community school and area residents. The Maridahdi early childhood community school made an application to the city council of Toowoomba seeking permission to expand into the nearby location which is listed as a heritage area by the state. This proposal attracted strong resistance from residents of Rangeville who cited various reasons for their opposition to the proposal. They cited several reasons such as increased traffic, loss of area amenity, increased noise, stability of the escarpment on which the school is to be developed among others. The proposal was recommended by the city planning officer for approval by the councilors committee albeit with some conditions. However, these recommendations were rejected by the councilors under the pressure from their electorates. Each party in the struggle engaged in aggressive media campaigns to convince councilors to vote in their favor. Protests were carried out up to the city council gates by the residents as a way to voice their opposition to the school project. The requirements for development as stipulated in the council act were met by the school in their plans…….ORDER NOW…….
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