Maria Angustias De La Guerra Ord

| February 3, 2014

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I would like to include in my essay the challenges that she faced as a women. This is for my women’s studies history class. The book I am reading is “Through Women’s Eyes”, also I would like to use as a reference her book “Occurrences in Hispanic California, by Augustias de la Guerra Ord, published 1956. Heavily foot noted in her own words. adding instructions on 10.10.2012 Hello: Now my professor has given us some additional guidelines for our essay. Can you please give these items to the essay writer to include in my essay. 1). Provide a brief bio of your subject years when they lived, a significance of the era in which they lived; i.e. colonial, revolutionary, antebellum, post civil war, gilded age, early 20th century, etc. 2). What class did this woman belong to? (lower, middle upper middle, entirely wealthy)? 3). What roles for woman of her class, and their significant struggles in her lifetime? 4). What contributions did she make to women in general., and to her cohort group in particular? 5). Conclude by stating how she impressed you. Make a list of her significant attributes and contributions to women’s rights in her time and perhaps to future generations. ( I WAS IMPRESSED WITH THE FACT RIGHT AFTER GIVING BIRTH SHE TOOK A FELLOW COUNTRY MAN “SOLDIER” INTO HER HOME TO HIDE HIM FROM BEING KILLED BY THE OPPOSING SOLDIERS). If he/she needs an additional day or two that is fine. I need it by Sunday the 14Th now. Please let me know what day you will be emailing so I can look for it.
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