Manuel Noriega

| September 24, 2015

• Introduction o Tell me why this topic is significant. Make me want to continue reading your paper by teasing some of the important points you will cover later. • Body o Historical Overview • List the minor events related to the topic. If you have chosen a law/policy, you will need to list the events leading up to its enactment. If you have chosen a person, you will likely talk about their early life/career. o Most Significant Event • This section is where you need to list the most significant event in your topic’s life or explain the law/policy you’ve chosen. o Criticism • List any criticism given by others of your person or law/policy. • Conclusion o What significant impact has this person or law/policy had on history o What are the lasting effects of this person or law/policy’s legacy?

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Manuel Noriega
Manuel Noriega


Category: Criminology

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