Managing Multicultural Virtual Teams

| May 19, 2014

Integrating the topic above, the reports must summarize key points relevant to this project pertaining to: i) social media, ii) online community building, iii) globally distributed multi-cultural work teams and team building, iv) talent management (encompassing recruitment and retention), and v) human dimensions of change management. The reports must answer the standard “What? Why? How? How much?” questions leaders interested in investing in social media as a strategic initiative would want to have answered.

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What came over to the Americas from Europe and Africa and how did it change the Native Americans? What from the Americas went over to Europe and Africa and how did it change their culture and lifestyles? What effects did European diseases have on the Native Americans? In what ways does the Colombian Exchange still resonate with modern issues we face in the world today?
How can the study of this religion be helpful? Who could benefit from such study? How does an understanding of particular religions and religious issues contribute to other areas of work or study?

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