Managing Health Care Organisational Change

| September 25, 2015

Managing Health Care Organisational Change

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Managing Health Care Organisational Change

Task Details: Your organisation is going through the process of implementing a new clinical information system. This information system is part of an extensive state-wide rollout of software that has been selected by the Department of Health. The application clearly has many benefits but also brings with it a number of drawbacks. Staff are feeling very anxious about the forthcoming changes.

Because of your experience in Nursing Informatics, you have been asked by your operations director to lead a project team. Your brief is to prepare your organisation for the rollout of the new clinical information system.

Develop a report, based on your current work environment, identifying five (5) factors that may represent potential impediments to this implementation. In terms of the corporate culture of your organisation, and using recognised change management theories (such as Kurt Lewin’s Force Field Analysis), discuss best practice options for managing these impediments.

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