Managing Culturally Diverse Workplaces

| June 19, 2015

Managing Culturally Diverse Workplaces

The research paper requires you to select one ofthe following topics and submit a 2000 paper (essay style). You may choose one of the

following topics:

(1) Define the concepts of assimilation, integration and multiculturalism asthey apply to immigration policies in

Australia. Using examplesfrom either the tourism or hospitality industries demonstrate the differences
between these concepts when applied to recruitment, retention, training or promotion. Argue a case supporting

‘which of these concepts would be best for stimulating competitiv e advantage in the industry you select.

(2) What is diversity training and what isthe v alue of diversity training to either a tourism or hospitality
organisation? Using one example (an existing case study) from an organisation of your choice

explain the processes and content of diversitytraining and the participants in the training. Describe and explain an

evaluation strategyfor evaluating the success ofthe diversity training initiative. Name and discusstwo
reasons why organisations don’t use diversity training.

(3) You are a member of a Diversity ConsultingTeam that is going to assess the level of effectiveness in
managing either a diverse hospitality or tourism workforce in a company. You will need to consider: individual

organisational valuesand management practices. Develop an interview (12 items) to explore these
issues. The questions you include

must emerge from a consideration of relev ant supporting literature.

Indicate that literature and link with each question. Justify why

an interview is preferable to a questionnaire in
this study

Whilst the contents ofthe paper will varyto suit the topic and will

be determined by you, the paperwill include the following:

1. an introduction, a body and a conclusion

2. definitions of key terms using

relevant literature

3. A demonstration of critical analysis of the existing literature (e.g., samples ofjournal articles, book

references and media). Include at least six references in your reference list and at least two of the six

references should be

journal articles. All references should be post-2005..Use APA6 referencing style

4. An ability to apply concepts to examplesfrom either

the tourism or hospitality industries.

5. A demonstration of the appropriate use of grammar, spelling, punctuation and


Criteria & Marking:

The grading criteria forthe written paper are: (1) the depth of research (i.e. detail and

understanding) you display about the topic, (2) your ability to use concepts and ideas from lectures,tutorials and or readings, (3) the

level of cultural awareness or sensitivity evident in your research, and the quality of written communication skills.

To writer: Please

show me the draft in three daysto make sure everything is on the right track.

It will be good if most references are based

in Australia.


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