Managing Cultural Shock (in a Hotel)

| February 11, 2014

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Subject: Leadership Across Cultures
Essay topic: Managing Cultural Shock (in a Hotel)
P.S. cultural diversity mentioned in requirements is a Cultural Shock
Cultural Shock = type of Cultural diversity
An individual report (2 500 words) to outline and analyze a chosen strategy (Managing Cultural Schock) to attempt to gain competitive advantage through managing cultural diversity in an organization (Hotel !!!).
1. Critically evaluate the theories and concepts associated with managing cultural diversity in the service sector workplace.
2. Formulate and justify the strategy to utilize workforce diversity in order to gain a competitive advantage in the service sector.
Format and style
The assignment should be produced in a report format and should include an introduction, main body and recommendations/conclusions. + reference list
At this level you should evaluate literature with supporting and opposing views, and provide your own arguments and opinions(from the first person).
The use of charts, tables and other visual material ect. to enchance your report is encouraged, as is evidence of your own individual research, although please be aware that you are not marked on your appendices.
• All assessments should be typewritten
• They should have 1.5 spacing and 12pt text minimum
• Arial or Times New Roman fonts are preferable and easier to read 12
• Assignments must be Spell checked !!!
• All sources should be referenced using the Harvard system !!!
• A full reference list of all sources should be included at the end of report !!!
This is an informal report/essay that should come in 4 sections:
• Introduction
• Discussion
• Conclusion
• Bibliography
In the introduction:
Ease the reader into the subject, the question being discussed, link to the learning outcomes, and use definitions (use academic definition only, you can gain these from the academic articles, do not ever use non-academic invalid websites, or Wikipedia, ect.)
Signpost the way, explain which topics will be discussed and how you are going to structure the report.
• What is this report about?
• How is it written? Structure?
• Essay style so more open and not the classic report style.
In the discussion:
It’s probably a good idea to start with a section on why is has become increasingly important to manage cultural diversity in the hospitality industry and the benefits of doing this. Reference these points from the research and evidence you have gained from your reading. Then move onto areas of policies and strategies that could be adopted by hospitality firms (see discussion below).
Literature Review Section 1
• De?nition of Culture?
• De?nition of Cultural Diversity?
• Discuss cultural diversity as a issue in the HE industry
• How can these points be justi?ed? Support!
Literature Review Section 2
• In this section make the case for the advantages and disadvantages of managing cultural diversity
• Reduction in costs in many area can be one of the bi products.
• Increase productivity.
• Greater Quality
• More Creativity and Innovation.
• More value to customers.
Challenges of Diversity Management
• Cultural diversity training is highly skilled and therefore expensive.
• Development of skills is time consuming and also costly.
• Sensitivity of the subject matter and challenges of changing legaslation and terminology
• Cultural diversity can be managed in many way.
• Highlight some of the ways but stating them and then mention your speci?c area of focus.
Findings and Analysis
• What is the challenge or issue?
• Looking at articles!!!
• Development of a strong link showing WHY this approach/strategy can give a potential advantage.
In the conclusion:
Summarise the points you have made and conclude your report/essay. The word limit is 2,500 words so you need to make sure that all of your discussion is relevant and written succinctly. Choose around 2-3 areas where you can discuss and analyse theory on strategies that should or could be adopted by hospitality and events firms to gain a competitive advantage within the industry. Think of it as a review of the literature on MCD strategies and compare and contrast what the authorities and researchers state.
• A really important part of this process.
• No new information
• Restate the main points.
N.B. You don’t need to discuss Hofstede or Trompenaars in detail, as these are theories on cultural diversity and although they can be used when defining culture, do not describe or apply then in the report/essay, these are being analyzed in your presentation.
There are a lot of articles, books and theories on this subject so you are required to analyse these authors and experts. MCD has always been taught at this college and there are abundant books and articles in the library, ask librarians for advice.
Your own opinion and/or experience ARE NOT needed here.
Throughout your report use a variety of articles and books to show evidence of reading around the subject and analyse and apply the theories that are appropriate to answering the question.
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