‘Managing absence’

| February 8, 2014

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Return to work strategic plan is an essential tool in controlling managing absence.
Assignment involves a group presentation following a critical investigation on a current HRM issue/case related to the learning outcomes given above. You may choose to engage in primary research by looking at the HRM practices in at least two organisations or the information may be collected through secondary research only although organisational examples are encouraged.
The research project will be conducted by small groups of 3 to 5 members and will be a critical investigation of live cases and/or a current issue. They will conduct appropriate investigations or research of the chosen issue and, through a variety of reporting mechanisms, will show their understanding of the issue.
The emphasis in this assignment should be a demonstration of understanding of implementation of decisions, which relate to human resource management. Groups should not perceive the chosen issue as a problem, which they have to resolve. Recommendations are therefore not required.
Reporting Requirements
On completion of the project the group should formally present their finding to the tutor and class through a:
The Group Presentation should concentrate on the FINDINGS OF THE INVESTIGATION. A typical presentation would
1. Brief outline of the context of the issue investigated.
2. Statement of the problem(s) or issue(s).
3. Effect of problem/issue.
4. Possible or probable causal factors.
5. Short and long-term implications of the problem/issue to the range of stakeholders.
6. Reference to course concepts as frameworks for analysis.
Marking criteria for the presentation Possible Marks
Clear definition of the objectives
of the study/problem. 10%
Clarity & adequacy of the findings 40%
HRM implications of the findings 30%
Quality of presentation 20%
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