Managing a Store Relocation Project: Marks and Spencer in Kendal

| March 23, 2015

1. Who are the key stakeholders and how will they need to be managed during this project? [25%]
2. Complete a project plan and use this to provide an opening date for the new store. Explain your answer carefully. [50%]
3. Reflecting on your own experience of managing the delivery date of your assignment, to a tight schedule, critically appraise how well M&S are managing this project. [25%]
Assessment criteria
Marks will be earned for:
 Reference to and use of frameworks and tools from the course and wider reading, sometimes beyond the standard test and reading list. 
Good application of the tools to the case data, especially that concerning stakeholder management, project planning and risk assessment. 
Clear reporting  Good decision-making and problem analysis………

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Managing a Store Relocation Project: Marks and Spencer in Kendal
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