managerial economics

| November 18, 2015

1. In a Word or PDF document describe the company you have been assigned including their ticker symbol, fiscal year, major line(s) of business, history, financial projections for the future, and any conglomerate, horizontal, or vertical affiliations currently existing. Make sure to include a works cited page indicating the source of your information. Good sources include Yahoo finance and EDGAR but you are free to use others as well. This question should be answered in no more than 2 pages of narration.



2. In the Word or PDF document you started in question 1 briefly summarize your results for each question above. You should cut and paste your Excel graphs and tables for reference. As for the regression metrics you only need to explain R Square, Coefficients, T-stat, P-value, and the 95% confidence interval for your results. Once completed upload one excel and one Word/PDF file into the appropriate BB portal.

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Long-Term Financial Manangement
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