Managerial Decision Making

| July 27, 2015

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BSE Veterinary Services is a specialist laboratory carrying out tests on cattle to ascertain whether the cattle have any infection. At present, the laboratory carries out 12,000 tests each period but, because of current difficulties with the beef herd, demand is expected to increase to 18,000 tests a period, which would require an additional shift to be worked.
• What decision making model would you use to make this decision?
(The Rational Model, the Organizational Process Model, the Collaborative Model, or other).
• Are there any of the decision-making traps in danger of clouding your judgement?
• Are there any tools and techniques for making better decisions assist you in this decision?
(Focus Groups, Brainstorming, Nominal Group Technique, Evidence-Based Management, or other)
• What is your final decision and why?
Please be aware that I am not asking you to provide the calculations for this problem. While I would like you to understand how the problem is solved, the solutions are at the end of the section, so you should have the accurate information to make your final decision. The point of this paper is for you to apply the decision making techniques to the area of managerial accounting. In addition, use the above bullets as a guide for your paper…I do not want to see these listed as individual sections within your paper.


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