Management Training and Resulting Conflict Management Effectiveness in Hospitals

| April 3, 2014

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Perform literature review using more advanced methods
Abstract 3
Introduction 4
Background of the study 5
Problem Statement 7
Objectives 7
Research Questions 7
Research Methodology 8
Literature Review .9
References 1
Choosing your topic: the hunt for an idea
2.2 Conducting a literature search or review
2.3 Researching and exploring the topic: methods and methodologies
2.4 The importance of having a ‘thesis’ and evaluating it critically
2.5 Managing your notes
Aims and research questions of the project
Research Question: How effective is management training in conflict management?
1. To investigate the existence and management of conflict among health-care personnel.
2. To determine the effectiveness of management training in enhancing conflict management in hospitals.
3. To prove that prevention than cure approach in conflict management is effective.
Dissertation is 8 thousand words although but i am paying bit by bit this is the first part off my dissertation okay
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