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| July 15, 2016

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

  1. a) Produce a detailed analysis of the policies to achieve stated corporate objectives of one or more companies, and an examination of the problem of resource acquisition and deployment relevant to those policies.
  2. b) Provide a relevant literature review on the problems investigated and relate current management theory to practical recommendations.
  3. c) Demonstrate a lucid and logical discourse containing objectives of the project, methodology, relevant literature review, recommendations for action, appropriate references and bibliography.


Nature of the Problem being Investigated and Justification: There are no specific aims and objectives. The chapters are very poor and need to be revisited and also need a lot of independent research. Very poorly written with no links to the project plan. Literature Review: Poor literature content with no links to the aims or objectives of the project. This is a crucial part of the project that requires in depth analysis including secondary and published data to support your originality. Research Methodology: Choice of data and methods – P collection is somewhat vague and with a lot of gaps in the materials. Methods of collection are mixed up and not well corrected. Presentation and Analysis of Findings: Approach to analysis is not clear, inappropriate to aims (which were not even clear or well defined). Finding little or no relation to the evidence. Conclusions/Recommendations: No conclusion or recommendation appears suitable or feasible. Overall Layout: The project significantly lacks of coherence and development. There is not clear flow of information and ideas from introduction to conclusion. Reflection: You did not demonstrate any self-evaluation or identify any future implications of learning or professional practice need.

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