Management Science and Systems

| October 26, 2015

The Assignment Task:
1. Describe a situation in your own organisation, or in an organisation / industry known to you, which may be considered as problematic.
(10 marks)
2. Assess the relevance of some of the most appropriate management science methods for analysing the situation. Recommend the most suitable method(s), giving reasons for your recommendation.
(20 marks)
3. Build a model of the problem using your chosen method(s) and interpret the model outputs, giving recommendations for management action where appropriate.
(30 marks)
4. Discuss the limitations of your model and the significance of these limitations.
(10 marks)
5. Assess the Systems implications of further use of your model and/or implementation of your recommendations. These may be related to operational or strategic Information Systems, Decision Support Systems or Knowledge Management Systems.
(20 marks)

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