Management Proposal

| June 19, 2015

Project description
On the syllabus this assignment is listed as an internal proposal. However, you have a several options for it. They are

outlined below.

1. Activity 13.1 (pp 451-2) gives the basic scenario you can use for this. You will be writing an unsolicited informal

proposal to solve a problem at work or in an organization you belong to. You can write this as either a letter or a memo

format, whatever is more appropriate for your audience. The report needs to be 2-3 pages long and is due Thursday, April 10.

2. As an alternative, you can write a 2-3 page memo report (due 10 April) following the guidelines of activity 13.7 (p. 452).

You will first need to select three plans from (also linked through the SBA site). You can pick any three plans,

except bar/nightclubs). Next, analyze the key components of each of these–use the material on pages 432-3, my classroom

discussion, and the articles and information on the Bplans and SBA sites to guide you. In your write-up, be sure to include a

discussion of all three plans but make a clear, well supported, recommendation for one specific plan. Note that 13.7 asks you

to “comment on the organization, format, and writing style” of that plan. This is an analytical report and you can pick

either the direct or indirect model, depending on your view of the audience. Objective 5 in chapter 12 presented two report

types you can model this on, the justification/recommendation report (405) and the yardstick report (409).


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