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You work for a very progressive organization which likes to look after its employees. The WHS policy was only recently rewritten/reissued and states the company values the health and safety of its employees and will provide assistance to employees to enable them to improve their overall health because a healthy employee will be happy, remain injury free and be more productive in the workplace.

As a result of this new policy and looking after employee health you as safety advisor have decided to design and develop an EAP to stop smoking.

1. 1 To complete this task students will write a memo to their supervisor identifying the health issues which result from smoking and the impact on a workplace. You will link this to the above new policy and convince the supervisor to undertake this new project. You must outline methods you can use for this program particularly addressing secondary issues such as the problem of weight gain when people stop smoking due to inappropriate food substituted choices (constant snacking on sweets, lack of exercise)

2. Define who you would need to discuss the program with and what you might need to discuss consider health professionals, employees, canteen supervisors, union representatives, family members.

3. Create an action plan which identified responsibilities for actions, timelines, resources and evaluation. Identify key milestones and communication processes. Your program has been approved by the supervisor you now need to implement the strategy

4. You know that of the 50 employees who work for the company 18 of them smoke. How would you effectively promote and communicate this to your employees to obtain volunteers for your program?

5. You have had 10 of the smokers volunteer for the program. You need to document the EAP this will require you to answer the following in a 2-3 page document. You will need to use some of the information you gather above.
• A) What is the overall strategy for this particular EAP? To answer this you need to think through what you are trying to achieve. Stop smoking without weight gain or just stop smoking, what constitutes suggest with not smoking 3 months, 2 months 12 months? How are you going to support the volunteers new healthy vending machine options, exercise programs, stress relieve etc. when and where is the program run?
• B) Outline the Policy and Procedure for this EAP. This will come out of your strategy what is the company trying to achieve and what support is available, how will they support the program
• C) Who is involved in the program? Hint: this in not just the volunteers!
• D) What are the benefits/services to the volunteers/ other employees/supervisors?
• E) How would you effectively promote this particular program to your employees to obtain volunteers and coworker/supervisors who need to provide encouragement and support to the volunteers?
• F) How could you measure if the stop smoking program is running according to you strategy. What would you identify as milestones
• G) What methods will you use to evaluate the results at the end of the program? How can you say this program was a success? Nationally 7/10 people can successfully quit first time according to research
• H) You had 6 people successfully stop smoking for a 6 month period. Determine a communication method for all stakeholders
• I) What changes could be incorporated into this EAP if you were run the program again? What changes would be incorporated into the EAP process if you decided to run a different program

Action Plan (template for question 3)

Task to complete responsibility Date completed KPI

Diploma of Business – BSB50215



Please CIRCLE the following:
I have assessed the student and found them to be Satisfactory for all listed criteria to industry standards
I have assessed the student and have marked Not Yet Satisfactory the criteria where competency has not been achieved. I have notified them of their result and they have signed confirming they have received their result and agree with the outcome.

This is my own, original work. I have received the result of this assessment and agree with the outcome and the trainer’s assessment. I understood the feedback
 Only sign and date after the assessment has been graded

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