Management Consultancy Project

| March 25, 2014

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Imaging you are management consultant and you have A client who own coffee/restaurant, the business name is (coffee and restaurant Casablanca) your Client is looking a way to improve his revenue, so his AIM IS TO IMPROVE REVENUUE and you have only one objective to achieve your client Aim, the objective is to Increase COFFEE AND RESTAURANT EFFICIENCY.
1- Use both (six sigma and lean approach to improve the efficiency of the restaurant, so illustrate to your client that you can increase the coffee and restaurant revenue by being more efficient by using six sigma and lean approach for efficiency, so do this in two A4 pages
2- Advise your client on the key responsibilities 9( economic, legal, moral) do this in 1 A4 page
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compare and contrast the ways in which two companies(Tesco and GKN) have responded to ethical, technological or ecological changes

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