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| July 28, 2016

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Length: 900 words Weighting: 30% There are 3 questions/statements that need to be answered. They relate to Modules 1 and 2 from the textbook. Write approximately 300 words for each answer. Evaluate yourself in terms of Goleman’s three dimensions of self-awareness. Provide specific examples to support your self-analysis. (See page 39) Explain the benefits of delegation for the organization, the manager and the employee to whom the task is delegated. If you were deciding whether or not to delegate a particular task, what would be the most important steps in making that decision? (See pages 64-67) What is meant by “the vanishing human moment?” According to the text, is this a serious problem? Why or why not? (See pages 116-117) A minimum of 3 in-text references is required, in the LCB Harvard Referencing Style, to pass this assignment. Please only reference academic journals or text books (excluding our textbook). A Reference List is also a requirement.

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Civil and Alternative Dispute Resolution Process Scenario


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