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| February 24, 2014

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The assignment is to prepare a case study of an significant change event.
Select an example of significant Change Management to develop a case study, based on recent historical examples (last 50 years).
The example may be from any sphere (company, industry, technology or social), but should ideally be related to engineering practice.
The Change event should include material on:
Pre-change: Contextual background to the event
Change: Detailed aspects of what changed and how it changed
Post-change: Outcomes of the change undertaken
The submission should be in Powerpoint format
Slide set suitable for presentation
Slides to be clear and self explanatory
Good use made of appropriate graphics, tables, charts, images, etc. with supporting text
25 Slides maximum, including title slide and references
Notes section for each slide of ~600 to ~800 words approx. to provide supporting arguments and explanation
Appropriate use of citation and reference to sources
The case study should contain:
Contextual Background
Provide background to the driver for change and the constraints that existed at the time. These may be the current market conditions, background, etc. that affected the need for change and how it was adopted/resisted.
Range of Data
Use should be made of a range of data, covering relevant perspectives
How do you interpret the data? Is it valid? Is anything missing?
What are the quantified and qualitative aspects of the data?
Who are the sources? What are their biases?
Timeline of Change
Timeline of key activities or events through the change process
The case study should contain (continued):
Detail of Change
What was the nature of the change?
Who led the change?
How was the change implemented?
Change Theory Applied
Was a specific change theory applied?
What change theory might have been most appropriate?
Consequences of Change
What was the outcome of the change initiative, with particular reference to unintended consequences, if any.
How might the change have been done differently?
Use should be made of appropriate secondary sources (Aston library resources, published case studies, academic papers and articles, news sources, company information, consultant or industry reports, etc.) to prepare a case study describing the change events.
It is expected that at least 8-12 good quality publications will be referenced, from a variety of sources. These will be used to provide source material and to support the arguments in your case study. Note that opposing views and perspectives may be referenced and discussed.
Although reliant on secondary/published sources, good academic practice in referencing, citation and generation of original discussion/interpretation should be applied. Care should be taken to avoid plagiarism.
30% Relevance of case study and appropriate referencing
Engineering context
Use of Change Management theory
Good quality data sources
60% Quality of materials and explanation
Reference to theory
Understanding of change event and consequences
Interpretation of data and thorough analysis
10% Presentation of materials
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