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| October 19, 2015

View the following six video clips and address the following questions:

What model/theory of leadership best describes the approach to leadership exhibited in this scene? Analyze the effectiveness of this approach. Defend your answer with examples from the clip and references to the appropriate background material.
Video Clips can be found on YouTube*

This clip is from The Dead Poet’s Society. Compare and contrast the leadership styles of both Mr. Keating and Mr. Nolan:
CineGraf (2014). O captain, my captain!
This clip is from the movie Office Space where the main character is asked to work the weekend. What leadership style is Lumberg using?
ResoluteProductions (2011). Office Space – Working tomorrow.
The third clip is a scene from Remember the Titans where the coach tells the players about the Battle of Gettysburg:
mikedaquila (2011) Remember the Titans Coach Boone Speech
This clip is from The Princess Bride and depicts a battle of wits between Vazzini and Roberts where Vazzini has to decide which cup is poisoned:
Vecchiarelli, M.S. (2013) The princess bride – Battle of the wits.
The fifth clip is from The Blind Side. What leadership style des the coach use and then what style does the mother use when she goes onto the field to tell Michael that the football team is like his family and he has to protect them?
MacPherson, J. (2011). blindside p and p 2
The last clip is from The Devil Wears Prada where Andrea arrives at the offices of RUNWAY to interview for a job as assistant to Miranda:
moviemomentsAUS’s channel (2012). Devil Wears Prada.

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