Management and Organisational Behaviour

| April 21, 2014

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The Brief
Compile and write a formal technical report, using an appropriate format and Harvard referencing as indicated in the corresponding tutorial lecture, covering the following:
From your own organisation or some other organisation of your choice:
1. A large multinational FMCG manufacturing organisation has a turnover of £12 billion per annum and operates in 32 countries with approximately 60,000 employees. Both the growth and profitability of the company is declining over the last five years. Some of the subsidiary companies have carried out isolated cost effectiveness programmes under different banners, e.g. Total Quality Management, Total Productive Maintenance, Business Process Reengineering and Just-in-Time
You have been asked as a Management Consultant, with particular expertise in Strategy Management, to develop a business strategy for the major initiatives taken by a company’s top management.
a. Describe how a business strategy is developed. In your answer describe in some detail the methods that may be employed for internal and external analysis.
b. Explain the role of operations strategy in a business and what are the key decision areas that organisations need to take into account when determining their operations strategy?
2. To support on-going modernisation efforts, a company has appointed you as the Engineering Manager with a specific remit to restructure its manufacturing processes. You are passionate about change management and you are keen to demonstrate that change management models may be used to support these initiatives. Select an appropriate planned change model and describe in some detail each of the stages that you would use to work with this company to identify problems and ultimately propose actions. In addition, Identify and critically discuss its culture and the factors that may have influenced it.
Your chosen case study company may be known to you, such a company you have worked in/ currently working in or an organisation for which you can easily access relevant information. A brief paragraph outlining the chosen application would be required.
3. Evaluate critically the relationship between motivation, job satisfaction and effective work performance. Give reasons in support of your views.
Notes on the Assignment
Your assignment will be evaluated based on three components: breadth and depth of research; quality of analysis; quality of presentation. The first component reflects the quantity and quality of material you find regarding the answers for the questions and the selected case(s). Use as many sources as possible: textbooks, referred articles, newspapers, company reports, trade journals, the web, etc. The second component reflects coherence of your arguments and the insights of your analysis. The third component reflects the quality of your writing (Report basic requirements).
Report’s basic requirements (Appropriate structure and logical development of discussions, Harvard referencing, introduction & conclusions, formatting, etc.)-
This is a formal academic report. Therefore, it must clearly demonstrate the use of the appropriate management and organisational behaviour theory to carry out the analyses and an appropriate level of discussion, which may be complemented with your own experience, opinion and conclusions.
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Annotated Bibliography on Theories related to Risk
A brief narrative why this company needs the changes you are proposing, what is the situation, overall reason, etc


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