Management 371 Final Project

.In this paper the purpose of the project is to give insight into the practical applications of the management principles.  The paper should specifically include.  Planning-How are goals and plans made and rewarded with the organization? The manager’s role and responsibilities in planning and goal setting?  What changes would you recommend to improve effectiveness, if any?
Organizing-What type of organizational structure?  Centralized vs decentralized authority? Use of teams? The organizations culture? The managers role in the organization and responsibilities related to organizing? What changes would you recommend, if any and why?
Leasing-What leadership traits did you observe in the manger? What support or training does the company provide to foster leadership? What functions does the manager perform as a leader? What changes would you recommend to improve the mangers effectiveness as a leader/
Controlling- How does the company and manger monitor employees, performance, results, etc and provide feedback? Bureaucratic control vs decentralized control? The use of technology? What changes would you recommend? Does the manager appear to be well suited for her current position and would they be appropriate for a higher position YES–because they have the ability to train others—-What are the major things learned from this exercise?