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| February 24, 2014

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There are three assessments. Here just give you a outline of instruction, which means specifications. The clear instruction will attach to you later. I don’t have document in PDF or Word format. Only I can give to you are photo images.
The First Assessment has two parts. The Part 1 must give teacher an operational plan template ( I will attach you a sample), contingency plan, outcome report and approval letter. The Part 2 need to hand out Job Advertisement or description, Sample interview questions( as a manager, you can create some questions) and letter of offer.
The Second Assessment has 2 parts. The Part 1 only require you to fulfill the Template in Appendix 2. Attention, you need to type out all the template. In Part 2 is included overview of operational plan ( summary of the operational plan, which has appeared in Assessment one), Performance template(please remember to type it in word document), meeting minutes ( which is to record all the meetings; I will send you a sample).
The Third Assessment has two parts. In part 1, you need to write down a recommendation report. This report will include identified non-performance ( at least 30) and recommendation. The format of the report is introduction, body and conclusion. The part 2, you need to write a coaching plan, which is included schedule and coaching session. In addition, answer the template in Appendix 2 at assessment 3 ( Do need to re-type the template in word document).
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