manage a community sector Organisation Part A:

| June 19, 2015

manage a community sector Organisation

Part A:
1. Describe how you as a service would coordinate organisational planning?
Part B:
1. How would involving all staff in ddecision making process benefit your service?
2.what can you do if staff chooses not to be involved in decision making?
3. Prepare a budget for a long day care center(MINIMUM 29 PLACE)
party c:
1. Why do you need to evaluate aspects of a service?
2.make a list of areas that need to be evaluated?
3. Make up two tools that can be used to evaluate two of the areas on your list.
Part D:
1.As the service director how would you ensure the service is comply with relevant commonwealth state and local Government Legal Requirements?
2. Why is it important to keep updating information in relation to legal issues?
Part E:
You have been Direacted by the owner of the service that you must market it. You need to make a brochure and choose one other form of marketing and explain how to implement the marketing strategies ?
Part F:
1. Why is it important for a service to have police’s and procedures in place?
2.choose a policy out of your service centre’s service manual and review it as you would in a service12 monthly review process. DOCUMENT YOUR evaluation including changes any changes required.
3. CHoose a change that you would like to implement into your service. Write up a report on how you would effectively implement the change into your service. Ensure you include the following points:
*why you feel the change is needed.
*the benefits to the service.
Present your report to the class. We are the board of directors andhave the finalsaton implement on change.
###Note: please answer all questions to achieve competency !
Preference, pleasing references required, please!!


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