Malcom in the Middle “Water Park” MLA format.

| June 25, 2015

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Using your definition of integrity, analyze the following parts of the episode:

A) Hal and Lois’s decision to procure a babysitter for Dewey so that they can have fun at the park.

B)Hal’s decision to smuggle a pint of rum into the park

C) Hal and Lois’s decision to ignore their two sons and concentrate on each other

D)The behavior of the attendant at the top of the (entry point) of the monster  water ride

E) The decision by Francis and Spangler to deliberately lose each game of pool they play against each other

F) the fact that after the elderly babysitter is taken away tvia ambulance both the emergency medical technicians and the neghbors fail to realize that Dewey has been left alone

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