Major problems facing elderly citizens in the country.

| October 19, 2015

Choose a country, and write about one of the following topics in that country:

1. Economy

Analyse the country’s economic strengths and vulnerabilities, and suggest how the government

should respond to the vulnerabilities.

2. Arts

Choose an artist, a work of art, or an art genre (e.g. a film, television series, a novelist, a band, pop

art, ballet etc.). Should it receive different treatment (reviews or recognition), or more support

(funding, audiences) than it currently receives? Argue how and why.

3. Ageing

Identify the major problems facing elderly citizens in the country. Suggest who should tackle these

problems, and how.

5. Environment

Is there tension between development and the ned to protect the environment in the country? Who

can resolve these tensions, and how? Who should take responsibility for dealing with environmental


6. Sport

Examine the role sport (or a particular sport, sportsperson, or team) plays in the country’s culture

and/or international relations. Suggest what role it should play and who should be responsible for

enforcing that role.

7. Social Justice

Identify an issue of inequality or human rights violation in the country (e.g. marriage and divorce

rights, gender, racial, or sexual discrimination etc.). Who should try to rectify this inequality and how?

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Multinational enterprise (MNE) , consider the interests of the various stakeholders and analyse the extent to which the organization should meet their needs.
Stephen Krasner’s and Cynthia Enloe’s contributions in Smith, Booth & Zalewski .

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