Major Health Concern

| October 17, 2015

Share a brief summary statement about the primary health concern you identified in your County Health Assessment. WRITER PLEASE USE HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY FLORIDA. MAJOR HEALTH CONCERN SHOULD BE OBESITY.
Identify at least three specific organizations, groups or agencies that offer programs or policies in your county to improve the health condition or concern you identified
Describe the activities (programs, policies) that these three organizations offer that relate to the health concern or health promotion opportunity.
How do these organizations and individuals coordinate efforts with one another and engage community stakeholders to improve the health of their community?

Are there any structured partnerships or coalitions established for collaboration and collective action across multiple sectors of the community?
What is the common vision of this collective group?
How are partners and stakeholders engaged in the CHIP process?
How does the group measure success?
How might students or other nurses get involved in supporting these efforts?

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