Mail Order Brides & Sexual Trafficking

| February 26, 2014

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In contrast to your research paper this piece will be far shorter, punchier and designed for a public audience.
A key course goal of this class is to learn about and explore key geographical concepts and to connect these to the ‘real world’. As part of your final research paper you will practice doing so by researching and writing an “Op-Ed” piece. An Op-Ed (abbreviated from “Opposite the Editorial Page”) is a short, punchy, engaging and carefully researched piece of writing that seeks to explain one or two ideas clearly and to make an argument about them. Your final Op-Ed should be well researched, use a clear and succinct writing style, be carefully argued and be geographic!
Your Op-Ed should include:
1. A statement of the issue and the argument you want to make (opening lines)
2. Well–researched background and history on the issue with a geographic focus
3. Development of your argument, backed up with evidence and with a geographic focus
4. A brief conclusion that restates your issue, your argument and why it matters
Sources: These may include; films; reputable news sources; policy institute material, and NGO websites. However it MUST also include at least some peer-reviewed academic articles in scholarly journals. ( These may or may not focus on your particular case specifically, but may provide useful background information on the problem you’re discussing an example of your idea elsewhere.
* i want this to be about the phenomenon of mail order brides.
i want to touch on the subject of this giving men the sense of patriarchy. Many of the nations where the brides originate may be nations where females are considered as second class citizens.In the countries where the brides originate, society is typically male dominated, more so than the United States. Women are distinguished in regards to man. Why is it that women do not dispute male sovereignty? (de Beauvoir xxiv) Fear of punishment. To escape the dispute, they allow themselves to be picked and ordered by men in the United States.
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