| September 19, 2016

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For this assignment, you will practice writing a target market statement using the techniques provided in this week’s lectures.
You will begin by writing a statement for a target market that you would fit into, including gender, age range, income range, education level, and marital status.
You will then locate one product and one service that you feel caters to this target market.
You will provide a written justification for why you feel the product and the service cater to the target market.
Then you will embed examples of marketing from the product and the service, showing how the company or organization reaches the intended market.
Your total research, analysis, and discussion submission should contain 300–500 words.
Utilize proper MLA formatting.
For this assignment, locate and review one form of media and then analyze one advertisement from that media. Include the following in your submission:
Choose one of the following forms of media: print, online, outdoor, or mobile.
Choose a good advertisement and a bad advertisement (according to you) from your selected media.
Write short descriptions of both advertisements, explaining what drew you to the advertisements and what you felt was good or bad about the advertisements.
Include a discussion of typography, imagery, and color theory.
Embed a copy of both advertisements in your submission for class review.
Your research, analysis, and discussion submission should be 300–500 words long.
Use proper MLA formatting.
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Elaborate how the 5 P’s of healthcare marketing may impact the marketing potential of a healthcare organization.
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