Macro Forces Analysis for United Kingdom Market

| March 19, 2014

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1. Select an international market (select United kingdom market )
2. Research (mostly secondary data) about the economic, cultural, technological, competitive and political environment within the united kingdom market/international market
3. Present detailed information about the opportunities and threats in UK market
4. Make suggestions and recommendations to the group of investors about:
a. which industry/sector, within the international market, should they invest in and why?
b. suggest a portfolio of products/services that could be considered for investment
*include supporting data such as graphs , tables ,figures.
*Some useful sites (you need to find more similar websites to expand the scale and scope of your data search)
– CIA 2005 World Fact Book (
– Global Edge Country Insights (
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1) Introduction; the history of money under global commodity standers (e.g. gold, silver) early 20th century exchange-rate problems(ch 19)
Zero GDP growth for Ukraine for 2012 and 2013


Category: International Organizations and Global Governance, Macro Economy

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