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I member in group assignment;
My part is( PERFUMES AND COSMETICS) from page 13 to page 16 in BDF file’s name(Assessment _LVMH Case Forecasts- also look at BDF hvmh as LVMH Profits Forecast and Planning.
The Question is;
*Task: Report
*Length: 1,000 words

{You are recruited as a management accountant by LVMH. About (900 words )
Working for the parent company, you are required to write a report in which you outline your profit forecasts and profit planning for each of the group’s main activities.
In your report you must conduct a comparative profit analysis for each activity and articulate some strategic decisions that could be made accordingly (acquisition, sales, new product development, etc.)
To this end, you must clearly understand the market evolution across the globe. You can assume that all costs are fixed and could be extrapolated linearly over time. However, if you consider in some places that there might be extraordinary expenses (litigations, acquisitions, etc.) you must mention them. In your report, any claim you articulate must be substantiated with numbers and plain text. If you find anything in the news likely to help, you must mention the source and use it.
Additional Question (100 words )
Bernard Arnault the Chairman and Chief Executive Office has asked you to conduct a second round of profit forecast for the group going out to 2015. Your figures for the 2015 forecast will build on the 2014 forecast you have now completed.

1. Please provide a summary of no more than 100 words the process you have used to forecast the 2015 profit.

2. What could you as a management accountant do to improve the information you provide using forecasting? Please draw on the readings and any other research you undertake that helps you answer this question. Please provide a bibliography of references you use.}

*Task: Report
*Length: 1,000 words

Source document: 2013 LVHM annual report

Task: Report
Length: for total of the group 5,000 words for me my part( PERFUMES AND COSMETICS) (1000 words.)

This is the assessment criteria sheet for the LVMH case study. Please note that. Marks are allocated around three blocks as follows.
1. Language:
2. Writing style (professionalism, clarity, persuasiveness)
3. Overall form (professionalism, consistency, etc.)

1. Forecasts intelligibility (the meaning of numbers produced)
2. Assumptions and origin of data used
3. Argumentation of how figures are produced

1. Model clarity and intelligibility
2. Data comprehensiveness

# Reference /between 8 to 9 reference. Include



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