Luxury Airline already established we will provide information

| September 30, 2015

We need an analysis after 1 year of operation in our luxury airline. I am providing a strategic plan we had established prior to beginning operations as a luxury airline. We have obviously not met the plan we established therefore we need to provide reasons why we fell short of our goals and plans on how we are going to succeed in the coming years. I am providing the company’s income statement from prior to becoming a luxury airline which is quarter 0 and our current quarter which is quarter 4. I am also providing the balance sheet and cash flow so that an analysis can be provided financially how we are doing and how we can improve overall operations and reduce cost and increase seat productivity for the airline which is very low. The writer must have understanding of the project and financial know how to fully write what we require. In addition I have provided the operating statistics for quarter 4, our sales report for quarter 3 & 4, the fares report for quarter 3 & 4 and a newsletter. You do not need to provide an income statement, balance sheet or cash flow, simply analyze and provide thorough explanations on the improvements, or shortcomings and how to attain our goals and be profitable. It is very important that the writer have a good financial background and be able to crunch numbers and provide detailed financial and operational analysis and strategies.

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Luxury Airline already established we will provide information
Luxury Airline already established we will provide information


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