Luxembourg Social Provision System

| February 9, 2014

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Assess the nature and status of social provision in your state(LUXEMBOURG). What are the primary issues and/or challenges facing social provision? What should be done to reform the system? The expected length is 8-12 pages typed double-spaced. Students will be required to use a variety of sources (online sources, articles from academic journals, reports from recognized international organizations, books, etc.) and to include footnotes or endnotes and a bibliography presented in a manner that conforms to an accepted academic style. If you are unsure of the proper citation technique, please use Charlton and Charlton as your guide
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Social provision refers to the provision of social goods or rather basic goods that are connected to human capabilities. The social goods include major social services such as education, food, water and sanitation and health services among others (Afsah et al, 167). It is a protocol for every country to have social goods accessible to all its citizens. Social goods not only act as indispensable means towards achieving other necessities, but also enable individuals to comprehend human capabilities, which are of a major concern. Social provision has taken up majority of mixed private/public form as well as public form ranging from publicly subsidized charity and poor relief to the welfare state, social security, workingmen’s pension and insurance as well as the social state or welfare capitalism. It has been the core focus of politics across Europe for centuries right from the time modernization of states started challenging the church for control of the roles of relieving those in suffering, maintaining order, disciplining subjects and other forms of welfare important in larger projects of mobilizing and regulating populations..ORDER NOW
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