Lumbar Stabilization Exercises for Patients with Prolapsed lumbar discs

| February 26, 2015
 write Research Proposal for Phd At Oxford Brookes University.
an outline research proposal (800 to 2000 words).
There is no specified format for research proposals but the following areas are usually covered:
1. A proposed title (this should be short and reflect the subject) .
2. Aims/ research questions
3. A summary background covering a literature review, your previous experience of research area, and how your research project will make an original and independent contribution to knowledge
4. Outline of research methods proposed (including indication of participants, data collection and analysis).
5. A note on any relevant ethical considerations.
6. A summary of any resources required in order to undertake the research.
7. Bibliography: You should include a list of references to the books, articles and other sources that you used in writing the proposal.
Please note that the presentation and the quality (not the quantity) of the information provided will be an important part of the review process and careful thought needs to be given to this before submitting this information.

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