LS 3113 What applications do they have in international disputes

| June 20, 2016
  1. 1.Thoroughly explain the concepts of a) jurisdiction and b) minimum contacts.
  2. 2.What applications do they have in international disputes?
  3. 3.What are the risks associated with arbitration?
  4. 4.Why might a company prefer to settle disputes by litigation?
  5. 5.What are the advantages of arbitration?
  6. 6.How would a choice of law clause and a clause clearly delineating the power of the arbitrator help to address some of a party’s concerns?
  7. 7.Why do so many litigants want to litigate in the United States?
  8. 8.Does that desire suggest that the United States needs to alter its court system?

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You are assessing the work design present in
LIBS 150 6982 Quiz 3.1 and Quiz 3.2

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