Low dose lung CT guideline

| September 26, 2015

Low dose lung CT guideline

Order Description

? Introduction
? Article citations (APA):
? PICOT questions:
Population: smokers 55 to 80
Intervention: nurse practitioners education of updated guidelines
Comparison: none
Outcome: Decrease in incidence based on
Patient education and screening
? Study design:
? Sampling technique, sample size, & characteristics:
? Major variables studies:
? Independent variables:
? Dependent (outcome) variable(s):
? Validity and Reliability of Instruments
? Statistical Analysis (include whether appropriate to answer research questions/hypothesis):
? Outcomes measures
? Type of appraisal tool used
? Overall quality of article (high, good, low), why?
? Summarize how this article is connected to your research question
B. Submit a synthesis of these five articles highlighting their quality and usefulness in relation to your research. (2 pages maximum).
**Up to 10 points will be deducted for spelling errors and reading of content on slides

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